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We take the time to understand your challenges today and create custom engagements designed for your stage to deliver the results you need.

Accelerating Your
Time to Impact

We understand the time pressure that you are under running a high growth tech company.  Our solutions are designed to deliver impact in months and quarters, not years.

Force Multiplier For Your Team

Maybe you can’t afford to hire all-stars for all of your leadership roles just yet.  But you can “rent” them!  Get the benefit of experienced, veteran tech executives for a fraction of the cost of making full time hires.  Or, invest in growing your team through impactful coaching to help them develop into the leaders you need for the next stage.

How We Succeed Together

Your business success is our success. We design flexible engagements staffed with top-tier business leaders that have the skills and depth of experience to deliver the results you need, at a cost you can afford.  There are no bloated overhead costs or fees, and no upselling.

How We Have Helped
Companies Like Yours

Julian is a business thinking powerhouse. He and I took many invaluable walks as I integrated his considerations and guidance into many decision points on my entrepreneurial journey for AtlasRTX. He is thoughtful, considerate, and precise, traits that are critical to a top-notch business executive, advisor, and coach. I was grateful for his role on our Advisory Board as we built the company and exited to a respected, publicly-traded strategic acquirer. Julian isn’t just knowledgeable about the science and art of business, he’s incredibly passionate about it. I recommend him highly particularly for his advisory and executive coaching talents.

Bassam Salem

Founder & CEO – AtlasRTX

Julian has been an incredible addition to our team at Administrate.  He has a rare combination of skills that mean he’s equally skilled in being an empathetic executive coach, a domain expert in SaaS, and a fantastic strategic advisor.  He has helped me become a better CEO, better leader, and is someone I can trust to call when issues arise.   From helping us upgrade our product positioning and go to market strategy, to evaluating financing options and optimizing our board management, Julian has been an invaluable resource and had a tremendously positive impact on Administrate.

John Peebles

CEO – Administrate

Redica Systems and our team have been incredibly lucky to have Julian as a coach, strategic advisor and independent board director.  Julian has been a valuable mentor and advisor to me from the early founding days of the company.  He has helped us prepare for and successfully execute multiple funding rounds and has helped us see around corners to prepare for the future stages before we arrive at them.  Julian has helped me build a world class executive team by helping me identify the need for new talent and helping me recruit and coach my team members to help them excel.  Working with someone like Julian is a force multiplier for our entire team.

 Michael de la Torre

Founder & CEO – Redica Systems

Simply stated, Chargeback would not have been successful without Julian’s contributions. From ideating product market fit, sales motion, and operating efficiency, to taking first chair raising funds, Julian showed up at a world class level. It is rare to find a chairman of the board who understands the fine balance of knowing when to dial up the pressure, when to take the pressure off, and when to roll up his sleeves and dig in. Julian not only navigates these important dynamics in supporting entrepreneurs but is able to contribute valuable insight to every facet of the organization. I and Chargeback will forever be grateful for his contributions.

John Munro


Julian Castelli has been an outstanding mentor guiding myself to a successful Series A where we not only raised capital, but more importantly attracted excellent, trustworthy, and thoughtful investors. Julian is a wealth of knowledge and has been able to help me see upcoming challenges, oftentimes before I was able to see them. He has real world experience, has made quality introductions, and given sound advice whenever we have had challenges. All startups do. I fondly recommend Julian and am very thankful for his contributions in helping Stellar on our growth journey.

Dustin Marks

Founder & CEO – Stellar

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